The Politics of Languedoc-Roussillon

In March 2004 during the local elections, the collective mayor George Frêche of Montpellier overcomes its center-right president. Later, he has boarded on a whole overhaul of the area and its organizations. The region flag, which showed the Languedoc cross and also the Roussillon flag was improved for a new one with no reference to ancient provinces,

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excluding in positions of the colors (yellow and red), which are representations of Languedoc and the entire lands from the previous Aragon Crown.

Georges Frêche also required changing the name of the area, wanting to remove its division (Languedoc vs. Roussillon) and to reinforce its union. Therefore, he required to retitle the area Septimania (Septimanie), which is the name made at the end of the Roman Empire by the Romans for the seaside area consistent fairly well to current day Languedoc-Roussillon (it includes the Roussillon, but not Gévaudan). It is use in the initial middle Ages for the region.

However, this name has not been in use since ninth century, and it is announced fairly strange to French individuals. He has run the strong antagonism of the population with regards on his impression. He stated that he believed in it but could not go fast without an order. The nationalists of Catalan in Roussillon would like the department of Pyrenees-Orientales to separate from Languedoc-Roussillon and develop as an area in its own right, in the suggested name of Northern Catalonia (Catalunya Nord) as part of the Catalan Countries (Paisos Catalans). So, there are some who want to combine the regions of Midi-Pyrenees and Languedoc-Roussillon. Therefore, reuniting the ancient Languedoc province, and make a big region.

The Geography of Languedoc-Roussillon

This region is made up of the following;

• 13.4 percent of this province, situated in the southernmost area of the region. It is a group of 5 past Catalan pays, from east to west: Cerdagne, Capcir, Conflent, Vallespir and Roussillon, which are now part of the Pyrenees-Orientales department. The Roussillon province and together Cerdagne lands was certainly the name that was formally used after the region developed French in 1659, founded on the historical partition of the 5 pays among the region of Cerdagne and Roussillon.

• 17.9 percent of this province was previously the area of Gévaudan, and now the section of Lozere. The small portion of the previous Gévaudan lies inside the present Auvergne area. Gévaudan is frequently considered to be a sub-province within Languedoc province.

• 68.7 percent of this province was previously part of the Languedoc province: the departments of Aude, Herault, and Gard are the extreme east and south of Lozere, and the exciting north of Pyrenees-Orientales. The previous Languedoc province also extends over what is now the Midi-Pyrenees area, including the ancient capital of Languedoc Toulouse.

The Culture of Languedoc-Roussillon

Most of the places around the world have their own identity. There are lot of history behind their name. Sometimes it was originated under the name of is leader. It is really amazing to know that behind the name of different province, countries and regions around the world is the long story of what it is their name. It is just like with the Languedoc-Roussillon province. There are lot of things happened or ideas given to create its own name.

  • Wine – The Mediterranean weather and abundant land with soil reaching from rocky sand to dense clay was very appropriate for the wine production. It is assessed that one in 10 bottles of the world's wine was manufactured in this region through the 20th century.
  • Music – Bertan de Born, Aimeric de Peguilhan, and Giraut de Bornelh were the one who influences in musician composition, in the High Middle Ages. The musician tradition is measured to have created in the region.
  • Literature - The Occitan literature is still sometimes known as Provençal literature, which is a body of texts printed in Occitan in what is today the South of France. It is created in the poetry of the 11th and 12th century musicians. It inspired the growth of language literature through primitive Europe.
  • Language - Previous to the 20th century, Occitan was the spoken language in Languedoc, while in Roussillon the spoken language is Catalan. Both of the spoken language has been under burden from French. During the research in 2004, which is led by the Catalonia Government, it shows that 65 percent of adults over the age of fifteen in Roussillon might comprehend Catalan, while 37 percent specified that they can able to say it.
  • Sport – This place was considered as a main centre in France of Rugby group as the sport was presented to the country in 1930s. Languedoc-Roussillon region is also the home of RC Narbonner Rugby union group. That is why the culture in this place remained on its standing.

The beauty of this province is really remarkable on the experience of those who have visited this place. With the culture that this place has, it shows that it was built previously, but still they practiced. It is stated on this article the several times that the name of this place is tempted to be change. Most leaders who tempted to change its name have their own unique idea. But, they never win to change it, because of the ancient meaning, which is united to the province name.

Languedoc-Roussillon history is given on this article and also its culture. But, when you also visit this place you will also the beauty that it has. So, not only the history of this province is the remarkable one, but also the beautiful view that it can provide to you. You will also have an unforgettable experience on your lifetime. As you have read on this article, they will be no doubt why the name of was combined Languedoc-Roussillon. Things about this province will remain a history.